Sunday, January 30, 2011

LA Fellows: Week One

So we've had the first week of the LA Fellows program and, boy, was it intense! It feels to me like we've been there forever. We got so much information and the instructors were amazing, but it was a lot. And the days off didn't feel so much like days off as days to work by myself instead of with my friends. Facebook is becoming a fixture. LinkedIn is a whole new world. How do I use that properly? Twitter your job search? Really? Guess I'll find out on "Social Networking" day!

This week we will receive our book of non-profits from which we choose 3 that we would like to work with. I'd love to add American Public Media (Southern California Public Radio) and the USC Foundation to the list, but don't really know who to call to talk to about it. That's a conversation for our facilitator, though!

After Friday, I feel like writing grant proposals is definitely within my abilities and after yesterday, the whole website consultant thing is looking good, as well!

Yesterday was my 4-months-in-the-planning Website Development Workshop with the California-Pacific Conference of the United Methodist Church. I was not alone! I was part of a team that included Rev. Johan Dodge, Pastor of St. Paul's in Tarzana and Charles "Capp" Cappleman, retired CBS Communications guy and Lifetime Emmy Award recipient. His keynote speech was inspiring in the context of church web presence: here is a guy from the Greatest Generation, telling us all that websites are necessary for church growth and laying it all out there. I totally agree!

The Workshop was a great success! I ended up doing a whole section that was not anticipated, but is one of my competencies: working with the website interface that many of the churches are using or will be using soon. The afternoon was all about Content: now you have your domain and your host, what do you put up there? Thanks to such skilled presentations all week from Allison and our instructors at LA Fellows, I had a feel for pacing and when to involve the audience that I'm sure I didn't have a week ago. Seven churches attended, they all took my card and I think I had better add "Trainer" to my list of core competencies! 'Cause that's what they want, training. Cool!

I end the week feeling a sense that I am moving in the right direction, that I am indeed following my passion into the internet world, that non-profit work will bring great satisfaction to my life and that I can really be in the zone in this business.

If you would like to take a look at the church website I created for teaching the class, click HERE.

If you need consulting, training, writing, or design help, click HERE. You can also see my Powerpoint for the Workshop there.

If you need to hear why websites are absolutely necessary for churches in the 21st Century, what they can do, who they speak to and how to make them speak, send me an email and we can talk! Or read my blog post, Web Ministry 101: Into the Future. The world is your parish!


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Website Development Workshop on Saturday!

I will be a presenter at a Website Development Workshop with the Pasadena District of the United Methodist Church this Saturday, covering the subject of Content.

I'm very excited about it! The workshop has been in the planning stages since October of last year and my presentation has been tweaked, the PowerPoint is ready to go, as is the sample church site. 7 area churches are sending representatives. I'm going to look around and see if they have anything they're starting with, but it's my job to get them excited and comfortable with the kind of content they should be putting on their websites and for whom.

I hope I'll be in the zone; I expect to be.

Here's my PowerPoint:

What do you think?


A New Home

I'm starting a new blog, cleaner, more focused and welcome you to my new space!

Many posts from the old blog have been migrated over, so you still will find knitting and spinning, family updates and photos from the past.

The idea here is to talk about what really matters to me right now: career, family, crafting, the future.

Being a new LA Fellow, I am having to spend a lot of time evaluating my interests, my skills, and the things about which I am passionate. We have been encouraged to think about what is important to us now, what is non-negotiable in our work and personal lives.

This blog is about the non-negotiables.


(oh, yeah, that's one of them!)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Would you like to see?

My new (unofficial) church website?

Click HERE!

Next week, I will get the business website up and running, but today is my interview for LA Fellows.


Monday, January 10, 2011

I'm an entrepreneur!

I've started a new business in Website Design and Content Management, Spin-a-Website!

Not quite live yet, I've got a sample site up that I will publish in the next week or so and the business website has to wait until Google Sites lets me make another one, but my graphic designer is working on the logo (thanks a million, J!) and my business cards are printing as we speak.

Wish me luck!


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Things I Learned Last Year

Fibery Stuff:

  • Spin up wool in colorways I'm not terribly fond of into worsted weight singles IMMEDIATELY. Takes an hour or two, and then I will have loads of yarn for quick gifts later in the year.
  • It is possible to make something for all of the Middle School teachers for Christmas. Luckily, DD has one teacher for two subjects, but still. What I will do when they each have 6 I do not know. [I did not knit for them all, some got cranberry bread, which is FINE.]
  • Starting the Christmas knitting Thanksgiving weekend is a good idea. But see the first lesson, as I had planned to spin more yarn for the gifts while knitting and that would have been impossible. I only spun 2 new yarns during the process.
  • Commercial yarn is also FINE. Load up on single skeins of workhorse wools when they are on sale. Someday you will be glad you did!
  • Wensleydale is not soft, but it is silky. Don't eschew the longwools.
  • Socks go quickly when you're underemployed!
Non-Fibery Stuff:
  • Be fearless!
  • Ask for help.
  • Ask if someone needs help.
  • The slow-cooker is amazing!
  • It's okay to take a stand. Money isn't everything.
  • It's okay to have high expectations. It's also okay to keep track of when people don't live up to them. Forgive, but know whom to trust with how much. Don't take big chances on the wrong person.
  • Do your best work every day!
2010 was not the best year ever, but it had its high points. And a lot of fulfillment and joy! The bad parts are being left behind and we have a lot of great stuff to anticipate: DD in "Bye-Bye, Birdie," new adventures in work and education, time to focus on family and fiber and friends!

Happy New Year!

May peace prevail upon the earth.