Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tooting my own horn

Don't get to too often so here is the video of my solo part in our big Bach/Haydn concert of 10 days ago.


Sunday, April 27, 2008

What Makes me Happy?

Heide's friend Christy is having a Birthday Contest! She wants to know what makes us all happy. In addition to the following, of course, prizes, prizes make me happy! Well, I can't speak for everyone, but I can certainly find quite a bit for myself:

1) My children, my greatest accomplishment, my joy and my consternation. Sometimes I can't really believe they are real and I ask them, "Are you real or are you a dream?" They think I am weird. And I am.

2) My husband, especially when he is feeling good and empowered, which he doesn't feel often enough. Wish I could make that better!

3) My church. I'm not a particularly "religious" person, but my church is amazing, full of amazing people who show me every day the love and grace of God and allow me to feel like I'm giving to the world, not just taking from it.

4) Knitting. Yes, well. Also sane, accomplished (sometimes), creative (sometimes). If I need some happy, this is my path.

5) Spinning. Also peaceful, also gets me kind of high. I really feed off colors somehow. Just watching the colors passing through my fingers, making something useful and beautiful is fulfilling.

Thanks for asking, Christy! It's always a good idea to be reminded, especially when we are SO busy and so full of frustration sometimes. I told my DD last night that this week coming up is one where I need to recharge in the short breaks between activities so I don't turn into "Monster Mommy." Let's hope I can remember to!


Friday, April 18, 2008

Better late than never?

SM round 3 done

Finished Round 3, only 5 days late!

Mods: Size 1 needles, 2 extra stripes, standard toe decreases.

The socks are very cushy and I will enjoy them until the laceweight merino gives it up, which probably won't be a long time. But I shall think positively (I almost typed "tink" which would be ironic since I did so much tinking on these socks).

In other news, DS has reached a first grade watershed moment: DS gap grin

He's had the same smile for so long!

Back to the litany of busyness and hoping I remember to call my mother tomorrow (sorry, Mom!!!).

Saturday: rehearsal for concert; extra solo rehearsal for concert; volunteer at school carnival; attend school carnival; volunteer some more; piano/guitar practice torture (hopefully not); DH rented me "Lions for Lambs" to watch tomorrow, isn't he nice?

Sunday: Church; DD rehearsal for play; Target for NEW BIKES!!!; rest? Concert.

Up side, I feel great about the concert music, truly. There should even be a YouTube of some sort afterwards. Our bass likes to video everything. I don't have the mental wherewithal to do it myself.

Speaking of DH, he went to a funny political protest this evening. They were giving out flag pins to Disney employees as they came out of work! I am SO glad that the PA primary is finally almost here. This has been an excruciating wait.

Your question for the evening: Does your pastor love America as much as you do?



Monday, April 14, 2008

I'm out but I have a good excuse! (picture heavy)

What a weekend!

Sock Madness Round 3 had started on Thursday night and I was trucking right along. On Friday we had an L.A. area knit together at Unwind:

SM 2 knit together

Great thanks to Lisa, Luke and Hailey for having the kids over so Mommy could play! We had a lovely time, Lambiebird, GoldenPurl, Technoknitter and I! Also thanks to Stephanie at Unwind for letting us invade the store for a couple of hours. We'll probably do it again, although only Lambiebird is still competing (and Star but she's moving today to Portland. Good luck, Star!).

That was Friday.

Saturday started with an orchestra rehearsal for me for my Bach aria and recitative in our Spring Concert on the 20th. It went VERY well, thank you, but there are no photos.

Then DS's first T-ball game. He did great!!!

DS tball star

And his first hit: DS tball 1st hit

Lots of fun but very hot.

Sunday morning, DD received her bible from church: DD bible

She is very proud to be old enough to have her own bible!

THEN, we went to the Cub Scout Pinewood Derby where DS won Most Creative Tiger Cub car for the Pikachu he and his dad made: DS creative car

THEN, I took DD to Chuck E. Cheese to her friend's birthday party. By this time, I was pretty fried. I left the camera with DH so he could take pictures of DD's illegal car in the final event of the derby: DD with illegal cars

At that point, there were two spots left in my Sock Madness Division. I had only reached the stripe above the heel flap on sock 2 and was planning to make it longer than sock one anyway. I was done. I went to bed before the children. Stick a fork in me.

When we got home, we were shocked to find this scene of carnage: ginny and the hamster Luckily, it was her own toy.

I've been knitting the sock today in hope that I can finish them (including a new longer toe on sock 1) by our school Carnival fundraiser on Saturday as they are our school colors: SM round 3 2 But it will probably be too hot!

Hope you are having a great Monday!