Saturday, March 12, 2011

New Feature: If I Were the Editor of the Burbank Patch!

I have a dream. That dream is to take my hyper-local journalism and webmaster experience and turn it into a career.

And so I present to you my new daily feature:

If I Were the Editor of the Burbank Patch!

The Burbank Patch doesn't exist yet...but when it does, watch out!

On this beautiful Saturday in Burbank, California, I would remind parents that there is a Bird Walk tomorrow morning in Wildwood Canyon, as there is every Second Sunday of the month. It's the perfect time of year to hike up there, as it's not too hot and the plants are in their spring burgeoning time. Great day to take some pictures!

It's also a wonderful day to go to the Burbank Farmer's Market, where each week I would feature a different vendor and try their wares: good blog-fodder and also lovely photos.

[I wish I had time to do this NOW!]

Okay, get this one: Professional Cars International is going to attempt to break the World Record (Guiness Book and all) for the WORLD'S LONGEST HEARSE PARADE starting at the top of the parking structure at the Burbank Holiday Inn at 9am! I can hardly stand not to be there!

Photo via FlickrCreativeCommons by Mr Littlehand

The Burbank Animal Shelter is having a Pet Adoption day today at 11am. I could easily go over and take heart wrenching pictures of the kittens and puppies! Come on, dogs is wonderful!

Photo via FlickrCreativeCommons by Kiwi NZ

Sounds like I would have a busy--and FUN!--day ahead...

...If I Were the Editor of the Burbank Patch!


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