Wednesday, March 30, 2011

If I Were Editor of the Burbank Patch: March 30, 2011

Some days I really wish I had time to cover all the events in my wonderful town! I spent some time covering Central LA this last week, but Burbank is my pride and joy!

This afternoon there is a MadLibs Workshop at the Buena Vista Library at 4pm. Have you ever played MadLibs? This is pretty much the funniest game EVAR! I would love to attend this Workshop and report on some of the funny stuff these 3rd and 4th graders can come up with (except for the scatological answers that they always try)!

Tomorrow night there is a Trivia Challenge at the Castaway Restaurant that sounds like fun, too! I wonder which team will win...

On Saturday (I really might go to this one) is the annual Magical Magnolia Bicycle Tour. We've been invited to this event by friends for the last couple of years, but have never gone. I bet there will be some great photos to be had! Pick up a treasure map, decorate your helmet and you bike and go off on a tour of this vibrant neighborhood!

I'm still looking for news about what sounded like gunshots last night in my neighborhood, but nothing yet. If I had a police scanner, I would know the scoop for sure.

The Burbank Temporary Aid Center shelves are still suffering, both from fewer donations and more needy families. I would go over and ask if any of the local organizations are upping their normal donations (my church is, for example) and what they especially need. This is a great place to give in your own community!

Something I am attending is a Seminar on Social Media and your business at the Community Services Building in Burbank taught by Dr. Virginia Green, an expert in entrepreneurship. Dr. Green is an amazing instructor with whom I have prior experience and I know she will encourage and educate us all toward success in our entrepreneurial endeavors.

Whew! That was enough alliteration for today!

And that's what I would be covering...

If I Were the Editor of the Burbank Patch!


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