Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patrick's Day: If I Were Editor of the Burbank Patch

It's weird to have St. Patrick's Day when the kids are not at school. I don't think that's ever happened since we started lo so many years ago. Wear green or get pinched!

Since we were last together met, the Burbank City Council met to discuss Redevelopment funds and Middle School after school programs, among other things. I would have been there reporting in real time. There was a lot of support voice from parents for the Boys & Girls Club and I would have interviewed some of them (both sides if there were two). The Redevelopment money is something I need to do more research on and I certainly would!

Gas prices having gone up so astronomically, I would report the lowest price in Burbank: $3.93 (!) at Arco, Glenoaks and Verdugo; $3.93 also at Shell, Buena Vista and Magnolia. Highest is $4.03 at Chevron, Alameda and Main St. The last time it went over $4, we started walking to school. Unfortunately, Middle School is just too far and too early.

There are some regular weekend events coming up, but there is actual news about the Burbank Farmer's Market. Customers regularly bring their dogs to the Market, but officials are saying that they are a health hazard. Since they cannot ask the customers to leave, however, they are thinking of citing the people who run the Market. If you love the Farmer's Market, it would be better to leave your non-service dog at home.

There is a hike at Stough Canyon Nature Center on Saturday at 10:30 (I have a feeling there is more exercise in my future--that's good!) called Verdugo Mountains Explorations.

This one sounds super fun: the Multi-Language Purim Festival on Saturday at Temple Beth Emet at 7:30pm. Here is their description:

The carnival-like atmosphere of Purim, wearing of costumes, and bringing gifts of food door-to-door sometimes leads to it being referred to as the "Jewish Mardi Gras" or "Jewish Halloween" by non-Jews. Annually, at Temple Beth Emet, we celebrate the reading of the Megillah in as many as 8 different languages including, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Gaelic, Persian, Arabic, French and German. Bring your own groggers [noise makers] or share ours to drown out the nasty Haman's name and join us for delicious Hamantaschen [pastries made in a triangular shape representing Haman’s ears] following the reading.
I am building up my sources and really wishing I had time to attend all of the events in my City! Hope expands to Burbank soon!

And that's what I would be covering...If I Were the Editor of the Burbank Patch!


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